DIMCs are established under the organizational structure of the Governorates in 30 metropolitan cities as successors of SPAs (Special Provincial Administrations) by the Law No. 6360 which become effective after the local elections in 2014.

DIMCs are the implementors and coordinators of some of the public investments taken place in the metropolitan cities. The central investor public institutions can decide to implement their investment proposals through the DIMCs instead of their own PDs. By being special budgeted administrations, DIMCs use the budget allocated by the central investor institutions in order to implement and monitor these investments. In terms of organisational structure, DIMCs carry out both the investment related duties and other obligations through seven sub-units. With approximately 3.000 staff, there are 58 KAYSIS registered services of the DIMCs which are carried out by the 7 units presented at the below figure.


The Project aims to strengthen the linkages between the central and the local investor public institutions throughout the planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring processes of public investments in metropolitan cities by strengthening the institutional capacities of the Departments of Investment Monitoring and Coordination (DIMCs) in Turkey. 

Although DIMCs are assigned vital roles in coordination, current situation of DIMCs reveals several improvement areas which create concrete challenges for the effective and efficient monitoring and coordination of public investments at the local level. These improvement areas are multi-faceted and inter-related among each other and partly related with the external stakeholders, resulting with the necessity of a total upgrade of cooperation, collaboration and implementation modalities for all institutions involved from the central and local levels with a primary focus on the DIMCs.

With that perspective, the project intervention is focused on five improvement areas as shown in below figure; 

With that intervention areas, the project results are designed as follows;

Result 1: Increasing the planning and implementation capacities of DIMCs

Result 2: Enhanced cooperation and coordination between relevant institutions

The beneficiary of the project is Presidency of Strategy Development of Ministry of Interior and the project partner is Strategy and Budget Directorate of the Presidency.

The implementation period is 24 months with 3 pilot cities as Trabzon, İzmir and Van accordingly.




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